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Hola my names Maree

You know what, I’m actually an introvert, lot’s of people are surprised when it comes up (which isn’t often). Though when it does, their like, “no way Jose” – your so not an introvert (I’ve had a Manager ‘tell me’ I wasn’t) . And I’m like ‘Yes I Am Mam’.

Anyway, I love community and being in the company of good souls doing good things, making their way. I happen to be a comfortable and strong communicator, who just needs time out sometimes and can be a little shy to sing my song in the bustle of lots of people. Can find it a little challenge to be in big noisy groups. It’s all good though, I’m down with it all.

If any of what I write, photograph and share has a good feeling to it for you………is aligned in some way to what your putting out into the world, I’d love to connect. I don’t know what for, but then thats how things start I reckon. There’s a pull, you follow the trail, you talk to the people. Things emerge. I’m learning to do that more, build my community and collaboration muscles. They need building up a bit.

You can leave a quick message below or private message me on my instagram page – thealchemyofhome

In case your curious, here’s a quick roll call of my background. Oh how I crave singularity in what I call myself, but alas it’s been multiplicit to date – currently earning a crust as a programme manager (govt), been making things happen as a project manager most of my working career, started out as a designer (BA Design), writer since a kid, photo taker since design schools dark room, transformational life coach (two years of study to become qualified), worked in restaurants for ten years as a waiter – fucking love food. Travelled and lived abroad a fair bit. Currently back living in my home town of New Zealand.

Out and out lover of salvaged finds (op-shopping fanatic), want to bring sexy thrifting back. Think about food a lot and travel just as much. Have a big crush on story telling through film.

Happy to travel and work abroad in the future. Nothing cracks open inspiration and ideas like travel and new people.

p.s I’m a good listener, as in my eyes don’t dart around the room when your talking to me – looking for somebody else more shiny. I listen.


  1. Your blog is great, a lot of passion here. I’m looking for a Life coach, any names of fab people you could recommend?

  2. It was a great pleasure meeting you tonight. It’s rare to meeting someone as beautiful and interesting as yourself.

  3. Hi Maree, I stumbled upon your inspiring, insightful and comfortably honest reading blog – thanks for sharing the journey!

    Dave :)

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