Living by intuition and heart – an experiment for a creative trapped in an over thinker’s body.

I turned 44 recently, thought I was turning 45 (seriously), got a happy surprise.
Lately been feeling the harsh burn of a job, career that doesn’t fit my person.
Nothing new, it’s been ill fitting for twenty or so years.
Went to a couple of healers to bring in some light, vision, support.

One said “I think you do much to much of that – thinking, over analysing. It’s about coming from a place of inner being, inner feeling , inner knowing – this feels right for me, that doesn’t. It’s not about thinking. All the big decisions in life should only ever come from what we feel. Thinking is for balancing the cheque book, and for knowing when the traffic lights say green for go, red for stop, reading and learning new information. That sort of thing, but to make big life decisions…….ah ah. Get rid of it, get rid of it”.

And I thought, fuck she’s right.

So I’m embarking on an experiment to live from my intuition, to explore what comes of that.
Coming home to myself.
Home being where the heart is and all that.
Soulful, simple, salvaged living that’s the bulls eye for moi. Freedom and adventures.
A way of life that’s simpler, richer, authentic. Doing what I love.
A lifestyle by choice, not scripted and expected.

Nut’s and bolts – where do you feel at home? Who are the people you feel at home with. What place do you call home – the landscape that you feel through your feet and in your heart? What’s the work that lights your fire? What do you love doing? Where is your hearts home and do you spend much time in it?

And how the fuck do people make it all work, finance this creative, adventure laden life. I’ve always been fascinated by the metrics of; belief and balls, enough income, keeping good well being, your tribe, rent vs mortgage. How the hell do you live this freedom, adventure-full life while paying bills baby. How to do, how to do…

p.s I know this is a privilege I’m lucky to be able to pursue. A lot of our communities just surviving while I’m looking to re calibrate my quotient of joy and authentic alignment. Sometimes I stand back and it feels a little privileged, a tad wanksville. Though I believe the more people living from heart, at home in themselves, the more that may want to give back and help and support those who need it. And that ain’t a bad thing.


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