chronicles of a bespoke, simple, adventurous life



My name is Maree and I’m a writer, maker and picture taker.

The Alchemy of Hustle chronicles the crafting and living of a bespoke and simple life. You will find stories on taking adventures, good food, thrifting, change, hustle, the handmade and bespoke.  On simplicity and self sufficiency in your home.  

So if you’re like me and you’re wanting to find your hearts home,  take adventures, live authentically and simply, doing what you love then you may enjoy the stories I tell on the Alchemy of Hustle.  My beautiful hot mess of a life will be the subject on occasion along with others stories, adventures further afield, supportive nudges to a rigid hold, creative ideas.

I am and have been a writer, project manager, life coach, designer, waitress.  I spend my time finding the right heart balance of how I earn my living.  It is not an exact science and I’m still working on the formula.  I adore food, travel, creativity, bespoke-artisan-hand made, humour, film, living simply and hanging with my tribe.  Oh and op shopping.  I covet the ‘making of’ section in DVD’s, watching music and sports documentaries and the odd sway in a mosh pit rates pretty highly too.  Did I say I love eating and laughing, because I really do.

I once travelled through China for two month on my own, with no Mandarin speaking skills in sight.  No tour, just me. It was the start of my love affair with independent travel.  Of being submerged in a world of difference, stripped of the usual securities and props.  I do love that!

Yours authentically