Salvaged Memoirs

Salvaged Memoirs: Crystal Vase

I introduced the Salvaged Memoirs series here, a mid-week story break about the imagined past owners of the items I buy while thrifting at op shops. This week a crystal vase…..

$25. Crystal Vase. Opshop. Balmoral, Auckland. NZ

For a moment time stopped and Maureen stood in the glorious bouquet her freshly cut Roses so generously oozed. She no longer heard Harold backing the Hillman Minx down the driveway, the timer no longer rung to let her know her sponge was ready and the neighbour’s children stopped fighting. For a split second, she was seven ambling behind her Nana gathering roses in her glorious garden. She used to hold the basket while her Nana snipped the stems and she’d stand dizzy and delighted in the perfume that saturated her wee senses. Never had anything smelt so glorious and joyful, a sweet syrupy bouquet soaked in the heat of the summer midday sun. Maureen remembered the swishing sound her Nana’s linen apron made as she strode along the grass pathways seeking gems to grace the oak dining table. Always followed by warm scones with cream and homemade jam at the table as her Nana nimbly prepared the roses into vases, a deft hand at removing unwanted thorns and wayward ladybirds.

The girls were coming around for tea in an hour and the sponge still needed to cool down before being filled. Out of the oven, on the rack and cooling Maureen turned her attention to arranging her apricot roses in her favourite crystal vase, a wedding present from her parents. It was her pride and joy and made her feel all grown up. It seemed like only yesterday she was coming out at her debutante ball and in the blink of an eye she found herself as wife, host and house-keeper. A world away from rose syrup dripped dreams and magical afternoons.


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