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Hello there my lovelies

And welcome to the start of The Alchemy of Hustle’s relaunch. A rebirth of sorts after its launch in 2011 starting way back here. And after a big daddy of a hiatus. Below gives you big clues on what the future holds and I am super excited. So with no further ado, check out the new about page below, giving you the low down. The Alchemy of Hustle will be rebuilt brick by brick while I create my wee whisp of Bohemia while juggling my day job and lots of op-shopping. I hope you enjoy the build and stories along the way, and most importantly I hope you gain a little spark, idea or tip to add to the rich layers of your life. I look forward to sharing stories, building community and business.

Maree x

Welcome to the alchemy of hustle

A curated look book and my own tales on salvaged and simple living that leaves spare change for doing the things you love. Hunting out the sweet spot of creating home, taking adventures and earning a crust. And the joy of finding a treasure for next to nothing (oh the giddy joy!). In my early forties, single and at times over coddled from my safety blanket collection I’ve decided if not now, when. The Alchemy of Hustle was established in 2011, this relaunch is part of the ‘now”.

Sometimes I want to whisper loudly into the air vents of the consumerist mass produced world “Not everything has to cost a lot, simplicity brings a kind of freedom and its never to late to start. Or re start”.

About moi
I’m passionate about reusing and living with treasures people have passed on and thrown out. I spend a lot of my time travelling locally and further afield op-shopping, thrifting, salvaging, snooping, up-cycling, repurposing. I seek the integrity and soul of artisan, handmade and bespoke objects. I do this while juggling a full time day job filled with lovely people, which doesn’t really light my fire.

Living simply in a beautifully formed small space is my current passion project. I’m property hunting for my first home (the Auckland market sucks balls, but I’m pushing through). I studied a Bachelor of design straight out of school and worked in it for all of second. Decades later it’s proving handy.

I adore good food and wine and learnt my craft working in the hospitality trade for over a decade. I do some of my best thinking over long lunches, it’s also my favourite way to party.

Of all the mediums writing steals my heart.

Integrity, authenticity and soul-led living are my holy trifecta. I went on a bit of a quest studying the works of John Campbell and other luminaires while gaining a diploma in Transpersonal Coaching back in my Sydney days.

Travel is in my blood, over a decade living overseas and numerous adventures to far flung places and I’m still dreaming up my next adventure.

I’m a deep thinker, loud laugher, loyal friend and introvert (INFJ). Socially a tad awkward.
I’m also a late bloomer, happily without children though a larger than life, single heat seeking introvert (they don’t call it your Mount Everest for nothing!)

I covet great story telling in film, art, print, music. I also have a crush on ‘the making of’ sections in DVD’s and sports documentaries.

A life long student of the human condition I get by like everybody else. Only I’m happy to lift the hood.

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