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You know

On the drive home from a lovely day trip with my Ma to Mount Maunganui we hurtled through the first descent of dark, with a sliver of a moon heralding our way.

It had been a beaut of a day full of drives through autumns glory, treasure hunting in op shops, afternoon tea in a vintage tea room and snoops through fresh and unique design stores in the lovely Mount Maunganui (mother and daughter creative duo Carol and Chloe’s Neon Gypsy is a wee diamond of a store + Paper Plane and Good Regards – are all worth a visit). All finished up with a beach walk and fish and chips. Oh I do love a good day trip, it clicks me out of ‘day in day out’ routine to a different beat. I’m left feeling re-energised.

So back to hurtling through the dark, eyes locked on a magnet of a moon. Its sliver was cradled in the faintest outline of round with a bright star atop pulling it north. I was mesmerised.

While mesmerised a recurring image of my business, the one I have been tentatively flirting with for longer than I care to remember came into vision. And being a terribly awkward and crap flirt, ‘my business’ currently translates to ideas and drawings and a few prototypes. Nothing more. Though on this drive, moon atop – I found I was flush with creative imagery, ideas and a forward alive vision of my business thriving. The days motherlode of inspiration, the moon, the last day of Autumn…..I don’t know where it was coming from but it was welcomed.

And then as I lowered my gaze to earth their hurtling along in front of us on the back of a ute was a personalised number plate that read ‘YOU NO’.

Shining out of the sea of dark was the voice ‘You Know’.











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