How to get inspired on a shoe string budget

Yesterday I went treasure hunting through op-shops and ended up with the most telling stash of goodies. It wasn’t until I was home and rested that I noticed the story my finds were telling and the inspiration they brought me (which is like getting an added bonus to what already feels like a windfall). Inspiration, ideas and motivation all for little money, win win win. For details of my inspiring stash skip down or if you’re feeling a tad beige and un-inspired all while grappling with low funds, bills to pay, savings to be made then read on. I may have a wee pick me up tonic (for little cost) that might just be your ticket.

Instructions for getting inspired on a shoe string budget
1. carve out 3-4 future hours, lock it in your diary
2. covet and protect your future appointment with self
3. research/google local op-shops in your area, you want 4+ to snoop through
4. feeling adventurous, go op-shopping out of town
5. wake up on the day of your appointment with self, smile
6 pack a wee flask of tea and a snack (snooping requires fuel)
7. make sure you have cash and small change, some shops don’t have eftpos
8. hit the road and make your way to your awaiting treasures
9. before entering shop, take a big breath in and then out, leave the weeks busy behind
10. go in with an open mind, be attracted to what attracts you, don’t judge
11. enjoy the snooping, and who knows what you find that just might inspire!

My inspirational stash
*Hawaiian lace top* made in Hawaii $2.50 (I see me on a tropical holiday-adventure which sometimes has me looking fabulous by a pool with this lace fifties pool jacket)
*Collection of mens shaving brushes* $6.00 (I’m missing a man in my life. It’s time and I’m due, and now I have brushes!)
*Delphin Water Filter Jug* $40.00 (I get simple well-made living and it’s time to make a home from this beautiful piece)
*Semi-precious Ring* $10.00 (I’m channelling my higher self with this baby, and its only been a day of wear!)
*Necklace* $3.00 (it’s time to channel the feminine)
*Joseph Campbell Book* $3.00 (my soul and spirit need some time with the grand master, social media needs to quieten the fuck down)
*Gift for friend* $2.00 (nurturing my relationships is important even when big seas divide)
*Wooden Massager* $2.00 (if I don’t take care of my body it won’t)






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