how to be a fox in your own back garden

I like a ‘how to’ just as much as the rest of the populace.

Tips, steps, a game plan all wrapped in a soundbite – the internets burgeoning legion of online advisement offering you a panacea and nudge.  Well meaning I know, though I’ve always been left wanting.  Wanting an insiders peek into what the hell goes on behind the scenes – how hard the heart beats, lungs breathe and fear takes hold when you’re changing your world, that’s the voice I want to hear.  I’m not interested in half a story, it short changes everybody.  If you want to rise, feel good, do what you love – live in partnership with self, you’ve got to get on with change.

Knowing who you are, why you are and how to stay your ground when the ground is moving from under you, without a guarantee of stability.  Tapping reserves you didn’t know you had.  Being okay with not knowing, and continuing the conversation anyway.  Holding curiosity and belief beyond the parameters of what you’ve known yourself to be, that’s what the voice of ‘how to’ needs to start sounding like. That’s the conversations we need to start having.

Under no circumstances do I have all steps figured out on alot of things, but I forge ahead anyway and figure as I skate.  This makes me no different from anybody, though sometimes you wouldn’t know that, with all the social norms, pleasantries, supressed stresses and mouthfuls of media we find ourselves digesting.

How to be a fox in your own back garden?  First up ask yourself, do you want to be a fox?

Ask, what fires your pistons?  And if you can’t answer that then make that the conversation.

Start bringing discernment to what you digest and for the love of god, step out and look in.  No change will come from walking the well worn groove of what you’ve always done.

I want to be part fox, part black panther.  So what.  That’s what I want to be.  Our commonality comes in sharing the human condition and how we navigate it, not necessarily in the ‘what’, that fires our pistons.

My voice in this blog will be on all these things and more.


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