Changes under foot


There are changes underfoot for the alchemy of hustle.

The shape, size and story of the change is still in formation, but suffice to say I’m looking to realign what is shared on here and how I interact.  As yet there are no set concrete foundations though I’m feeling into handcrafted, bespoke, reused objects + stories crafted with love to support your journey through change and joy creation.  The success of my efforts will be in the telling over the next 3-6 months as I work a nine to five to keep me heading north and flush while creating beautiful bespoke objects and writing stories of people and love and heart and joy.  Juggling passion and foundation-laying while building my joy.   You know, what a lot of you are all doing – what millions are doing around the planet as I type.  Bringing heart to the fore.

For a taste of the handcrafted, bespoke, reused objects I want to make and sell in my shop I’ve shared this wee photo of my new creation – my version of a dream catcher.  I feel passionately about having beautiful objects that support your transformation and re-connection to heart up in your home, surrounds and on your person. They can only but make the change process that little bit more beautiful (when it doesn’t feel so beautiful).  They can remind you when sometimes you’d rather forget that it’s worth not giving up, that your joy and dreams are actually one of the most important things you have going on. I know I could have done with them while navigating the hills, valleys and peaks of change over the last couple (ahem) over the last swag of years.   So I’m hoping there will be a few people out there that might like some of my bespoke handcrafted objects.  I’ll see how it plays out.

To my wee group of readers (aka my friends and family) thank you so much for your support over the last couple of years it has been tremendously lovely, I hope to see you when I relaunch (and in a few shared stories along the way).  I like that I haven’t given up on the alchemy of hustle, it reminds me that success can also be in the not giving up, just as much as in the arriving.

Much aroha to you, Maree x


  1. kia ora Maree, I love your posts, so don’t go too far away for too long.

    I had a lightbulb moment about us reconnecting and new possibilities …. are you intrigued?? I think it will add to your changes, so I will contact you separately.

    Kia kaha wahine toa, arohanui Cx

  2. Bravo Maree! She’s back! I’ll buy a dream catcher from you please? Green and gold is perfect. Big smiles and warm hugs. Nat xxxxxxx

  3. Go for gold, lovely! That is a beautiful piece, best damn looking dream catcher I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see you soon. Mel x

  4. We’ll is it that you are on your own journey
    Of dream catching !! Leaving the hustle behind
    Developing your creative inner self !! Reconnecting
    And recreating !!! I’m sure we all learn and take
    Interest in your development !!! It may be right under
    Those eyes of yours !!! Good luck and my it be your
    Dream !!

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