following your heart

the heart of the alchemy of hustle

Have you ever had to succinctly describe yourself-your work-your passion-purpose on paper, in a speech?  It’s a really interesting exercise to do and the closest most of us get to it is in preparing our CV’s.  The production of my CV is a story for another time, but lets just say that the energy of ‘putting yourself out there’ can take an academic exercise and ratchet up the difficult.

I’ve been chipping away at honing in on what the alchemy of hustle is about and how I want it to support a community of individuals carving their own joyful lives following their heart.  Chipping for over two years like a faithful labrador sticking around for its owner, which in my case is a creative bloodline which has impatiently waited for expression for twenty years.  The progress of this blog is an external reflection of my internal machinations in moving into the creative light of left brain leanings lashed with self belief and love.  It’s been and is a process – what isn’t?

So the other day I finished a rewrite of my about page which you can read here and I drew-painted-created the below heart-dartboard as a visual representation of what will be explored on the alchemy of hustle (and what happen to be my passions-hearts desires).  If you’re interested I will be sharing how to make your own heart dartboard filled with all the things you love, that bring you joy.           

The heart-dartboard along with a whole lot of other goodies will be part of a series I will be delivering on ‘following your heart’, though first up will be a few exercises on connecting to where you’re at now – what’s working, what’s broke.  So if you want to join me and explore your heart you’re more than welcome.

Enjoy your Friday and entry into the weekend.

Love and light, Maree x





  1. Interesting and so thoughtful n easy ! If we
    Put our energy into it all !! In curious of what the
    Green centre piece is !! Yesterday your blog
    Had a dead bird at the end ???

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