catalogue of gratitude and love

I’m introducing a weekly ritual of gratitude, which I’m currently calling my catalogue of gratitude and love.  I feel a bit wobbly saying weekly ritual as that infers commitment (which previously hasn’t been a strong suit).  Though in the interests of creating-living my desired life I feel it’s a lovely and gentle place to start, and if I can’t commit to 30 minutes per week in the 10,080 minutes available to me, well then what hope do I have.   So I’m ponying up and committing.

Doing the work to create change takes a fair bit of grunt, determination and sweat.  So I find placing gratitude for the things in your life you love-that are working a soothing-buoying-positive thing to do.  Plus done regularly it can powerfully dissipate what can sometimes become a stronghold of ‘whats not working energy’ a rather sticky, heavy all pervading anathema to the light of change you are pedalling into existence.

Think of gratitude as an alchemical injection needed to remind you that all is good, you have everything you need and it ain’t as bad-big-hard-immovable as you feel.  Gremlins and their negative naysaying ways would on occasion have you believe that what your wanting to shift-change-create-let go of is impossible, and giving them an alchemical wash of gratitude can quieten down their incessant chirping.  I recommend it.

So to kick things off, this week I’m grateful and in love with;

  • friendships.  The recent generosity, love, spontaneity and affection showered on me from my lovely friends brought home the power of friendship to affirm who we are and make us feel good in our person.   I am in love and full of gratitude for the friends in my life and this makes me so very joyful.
  • Spring onion and salt pancakes. We ate the best plate of savoury pancakes at Xian Noodle Bar (242a Dominion Rd, Auckland) today and they took me right back to my travels in China.  Right back.  And yeah they were fried naughtiness at its best, but good god did they ding my bell.  And to boot they were less than $5 for the plate, so I was in thrift-foodie heaven.   I find it essential to have my taste buds moan-groan in joy multiple times throughout a week, otherwise whats the point in living?  
  • a new playful hair-up do.  I twisted my hair into a new up do the other week for something different – just felt like it.  And low and behold I kind of like its playful-girlyness.  So I’m grateful for no other reason than I never thought I would ever think-let alone say a sentence that involved me and playful-girlyness.  Never in my wildest did I think I would utter those words as adjectives of my person.  Things are a shifting.
  • creativity and its magical genius force. And this ted talk by Elizabeth Gilbert is an awesome wander through its size, shape and magic.  I am so grateful for my creativity, I reckon I would burst if I couldn’t write and draw and imagine ridiculous things.  It helps me make sense of everything.  
  • shelter-food-security-stable government-democracy.  This quintet will grace my catalogue every week because I need reminding of just how good I have it in comparison to many other global communities who live in the absence of all five.  Imagine that; makeshift to no shelter, little to no food, zero security from a constant threat to yours/your families safety within an unstable government where democracy is a concept not a reality.  Imagine that when you think about what your grateful for, and what’s not working in your life.






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