lightbulb moment’s


Lightbulb moments, do you have them?

You’re walking along and then bam a wee ping goes off in your head and a collection of dormant former thoughts arranges itself into a picture you just couldn’t see before.  Or an image, feeling or thought just comes out of nowhere, new and shiny .  Either way its the bam and the newness of revelation, inspiration, insight or connectedness that defines a lightbulb moment.  The free dictionary describes it as A moment of sudden inspiration, revelation, or recognition.

I have them every now and again.  For me, its more like a long game of knitting where all my ideas float around in my head and then out of nowhere I find them stitching themselves together.  I sometimes get the new kid from out of town joining in my brain traffic, but not so often.  I’m more the slow burn, pull it together type.  Well thats how it’s been so far.

I saw this lightbulb today and it made me think about how we feel and see ideas and how they come to us.  I love that we are tuning forks for divine inspiration to resonate through.  Just as much as we are repositories for change with our ever growing feelings, thoughts and ideas.

It all feels like a little bit of magic to me, and makes me smile that not everything is factual, hard edged and evidenced based.  That we are powerful self resourced beings, and ready and willing vessels for creativity and change.

It reminded me of this fabulous talk by Elizabeth Gilbert called ‘your elusive creative genius’ where amongst other things she illuminates hers and others creative process, involving divine moments of inspiration.  I thought you may enjoy if you need a wee reminder that we are more than we think we are and magic is all around.  That you are the magic.



  1. I’m loving your writing Maree. It’s clear, insightful and it’s gives me a little nudge……I had a little revelation today while attending my weekly intermediate yoga class. Yes, today I sunk into the splits with one leg out front and one out back. While I was in this pose a little light bulb popped – my body can do way more than my mind can think I can do. My body can manage a whole lot; my mind is my limitation. So there we go. Light bulbs can bring delightful clarity. Lots of love and hugs Maree. Xxx

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