making from scratch


I hand squeezed oranges today and made a glass of its goodness to coddle my feelings of rundown.  It was fun.  The orange tree lives on my mums property and every year produces the most divine juicy tasting oranges.  Ever.  It felt nice to walk outside, pick oranges, slice and squeeze them and enjoy my efforts.  It felt particularly nice knowing that what I was drinking was exactly what I was seeing, nothing added.  There is something so satisfying and enjoyable about making from scratch; the process, your involvement, the end result. And for me, the simpler the cooking the more enjoyable and honest the taste.  I’m passionate about making good simple food, and my glass of orange juice falls well and squarely in that category. Simpler you cannot get.  Take orange, slice it, squeeze it, pour into glass, drink it.


God, if only life came with a simple recipe like that, now that would be something.  Though sans the recipe its a great reminder that simplicity and the power of alchemy to make something from scratch, is all around us.  If we look.



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  1. So simple as you say and so natural to along
    Wtf nature a tree provides fragrant bloom greenery
    Then fruit to bust with color of orange and holds
    Vitamins and pure nectar , just lovely

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