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Big Hearted Business. Yes Please and More!

If creating a life of heart, living authentically and doing what you love are your modus operandi I reckon you’re going to love this wee story and it’s links and resources. I do indeed.  And this is the first time I’ve had a guest contributor from Sydney, how very international!

Business and heart two great bedfellows.  There couldn’t be three words which better describe my personal vision for my working, living, loving life.

And so it was, as sometimes happens that I stumbled upon Clare Bowditchssite, Big Hearted Business (BHB) while wandering through the forest of the internet.  It piqued my interest from the go get – a business focused on supporting others to create and sustainably live with heart in their work.  ‘B.H.B. exists to teach brilliant, creative people how to build strong, successful, caring businesses, without compromising their integrity, their health, or their happiness’.  A holistic approach anchored by heart and soul.   I’m drooling as I type, it’s my big superstar, want it now, want it yesterday, WANT IT desire. 

I highly recommend you check out the site and even though it’s Australian based there are wonderba online resources to help you build the life you yearn for, regardless of where you call home.  And as a wee tip, the Inspiration Bombs are AWESOME, I particularly LOVED listening to Berry Liberman.

And then as serendipity would have it, five minutes after stumbling upon BHB a good friend let me know about this fabulous workshop she was attending that weekend called ‘Big Hearted Business’.  I was like STOP THE BUS – what would be the odds – this is spooky, serendipitous fabulousness!  Which then turned into me asking “I would love for you to share snippets of joy from the workshop.  What your heart took away from it, so I can share it on my blog”.

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As a heads up my friend Carolyn was born an entrepreneur – do it yourself – work hard – make it happen, kind of woman.  An eternal idea generator with the digital skills to back it up.  And just as importantly the ability to pursue her ideas/dreams while raising her gorgeous daughter, turning up to a job and being in partnership with her fabulous husband in their new home.  Phew!  She has just launched a new business with her friend Katrina called Thread Digital which is all about digitally empowering business.  So with the glow and promise of a new business she headed off to the workshop held in the lovely Glebe Town Hall, Sydney with verve and focus.

*Guest contributor Carolyn shares her big takeaways from the workshop*

Clare looked radiant, and was barefoot.  She’s so multi-faceted and talented she’d be intimidating if she weren’t so approachable and earthy – and just likeable.  Oranges were handed out as a symbolic gesture, around entrepreneurship being a team sport that you can’t do alone.  She sang a song penned when she was 19 and starting out and shared loads of personal stories.  She shared advice on the importance of“:

*Getting your creative message out there*

*Keeping your health on track (when spreading yourself thin)*

*Taking small, meaningful daily actions to work toward reaching your goal*

*How to hold things lightly when life and family become a priority (it was very female focused)*

*Networking and authenticity – “if you don’t feel it in your heart, don’t say it”*

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Taking small meaningful daily actions + keeping your health on track really resonated with me.  Plus entrepreneurship being a team sport – I only truly got that after a failed attempt at starting a business in isolation from a local support network (BIG lesson).  Going forward I’m going to follow BHB as I live a heart filled working life.  And when I’m back visiting friends in Sydney or Melbourne I’d love to catch a wee workshop.

Plus I can’t get enough of the inspiration bombs, they are like cat nip for the creative entrepreneur.  They get me excited, inspired, assured and alive all in one hit!

If your in the market for a heart filled, entrepreneurial life, Big Hearted Business could be just the ticket to nudge, cajole and inspire you there!

And a big thank you to Carolyn for sharing her experience and pictures, plus a LARGE good on you and good luck for your new fledgling business Thread Digital.   Inspiration is such a powerful force when your carving your place in the world, and no more so when you see a friend kick a few goals.

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