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How to push through ‘stuck’

When building a life of heart there will be times when the path can get a bit sticky.  There just will be, no two ways about it.  And I thought why not write about that, so I did, and here it is.

Change, new behaviours, digging deep, pushing outside of what you know and needing to be ‘ON’ can rattle the cage.  And in the rattle we can want to hold tight, burrow down emu like in our defiance.  In the blink of a second you go from frustration at wanting change, to being its co creator.  The transition, though exhilarating and one of the most rewarding things you can ever do can feel a bit like being out at sea. On a raft. Without an oar.

Your feet aching for the touch of ground.

So how do you push through the stuck of the burrow?  Those days you wake up and it all feels rather hard and blahrish and fuzzy and shite, can’t put your finger on it, but it’s just crapsville.  To provide one of a thousand possible push through techniques I came across this piece of writing from earlier in the year on just this topic.

Archives of March 25, 2013

Today I’m trying to write a business plan – I got my period – it’s day one of my detox – plus I’m feeling sorry for myself (wishing I had a partner – thinking about the last person).   You get the picture.

It’s like a cluster fuck of nostalgic melancholy, sugar cravings and blank brain.

It was starting to go a little ‘woe is me’ –  I can’t do this / it’s all stupid / I myswell just give up now.  It was starting too, until I stopped and paid attention to my noisy negative brain, to what I was feeling.  In stopping, I stepped back a little.  Away from the heat of the cluster.

My day is not special, we all wake up or walk into days that are unforgiving.  Old stuff – thoughts/behaviours lacing your view, dragging down the beat.  An unspoken fear tightening clenched fists around your feet’s move forward.  Your cheer leader squad having left the building leaves you performing all the roles to put on the production – main act, back up, support, lights, audience, cleaner.  It just all becomes a little bit too much.  

Then I listened to this and I felt better.  I was transported away from myself.  

That wee tune was the diversion I needed.  In my experience there is rarely a time when we rise from the ashes of a cluster fuck of blah and put right to all that feels wrong.  When your stuck and the road ahead is blacker than the dead of night, visibility zero, your options feel exhausted.  The position you sit in is all consuming and globule glue like in its hold.

I’ve found moving away from  its centre and getting out of my head helps.  Music, going for a walk around the block, watching blooper outtakes from my favourite shows help.  You have too break its hold and breathe some fresh unpolluted air.  That’s what I’ve found.

The break, the distraction provides perspective. And allows your super fabulous unending resources to resurface.  Your feet find some ground.

That’s one of the things I’ve found that works for me.  And by the way, I’ll be writing and sharing more on the topic of being stuck and of the blocks you may experience on your path to living your heart.  My coaching toolkit and my own personal experiences of the big bad block and hanging out in stucksville will be mashed into future posts, which I hope help you when you’re stopped at a green light.

What do you use to break the spell of stuck?






  1. Music is definitely a great way to get ‘out of your head’ when you’re feeling stuck. I also like getting lost in a good book or watching some really bad reality TV. It helps me put things into perspective really quickly -)

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