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the power of getting out of your usual surrounds + Wanaka beauty

I recently received this text from a friend who was adventuring for the first time through the South Island of New Zealand and I was instantly transported to that enviable sweet spot of travel.   –  “Wanaka is one o my fave places on earth, it’s official.  Did a skydive over some of the most spectacular scenery and am now sunning my face at the edge of the lake with the mountains as my backdrop.  Life just doesn’t get any better.  Oh and the Pinot ain’t that bad either.  God I’m happy here.  Hope all is well with you sweet cheeks.  Muchos love x.  I asked her to send me a photo to go with the words, this was it –


Aaahhh, the sweet spot of travel – you know that place where you’re no longer at the mercy and tangle of home, your mind free to be embraced by the unfamiliar.  Unencumbered and present, what a powerhouse coupling.  And in one blink of your heart you find yourself at that place of happy – at the intersection of a Clear Mind And An Open Soul, on the corner of I’ve Never Been Here Before Street.  Just down the road from All The Things I Love To Do Crescent.

Pure, good old fashioned happy.  Remember it?

It reminded me of the thrilling and transformative power that comes from submerging yourself in a different environment.  Getting out of what you know, where you know and who you know.  Nothing left but you and your self, and in this case some of the most stunning scenery on earth.  Oh the grounding and power that comes from frolicking at the foot of mountains.  Of daring to adventure outside of what we know for just a little bit.  I swear, that when I read that text I grinned pure joy in recognition of somebody who had hit the holy grail of the travel sweet spot.

Image 3

Oh how I love travel – some say an escape from reality, I say an open door to a new one.  I just wanted to share with you what I love so much about adventure and the travel of the soul it can take you on.  It’s taken me on.

Have you  had the fortune of hitting the travel sweet spot? Where were you? How was your soul travelling?

Love and light, Maree


  1. We were in mission beach recently and the space, beauty, warmth, friendships and hammock all led to a re-evaluation of our life and we’re back in Melbourne with big plans on how to rebalance for greater authenticity in our day-to-day. Oh the wonder and restorative power of a holiday. We should really chat! love ya muzz

    1. you me and a chat have been on my mind Mellow, lets make it happen. and wow, mission beach sounds like it sparked a recalibration, how wonderful! don’t you just love travel for that x

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