a simple, divine tomato recipe – its a game changer

Hello on this fine Sunday.  I hope your well ensconced in your day of play, rest and readiness for the week ahead.   Today I thought I’d bring you a wee spot of food to warm your heart and body and share with friends and loved ones.

What you eat makes all the difference in the world to how you turn up to it.  All the difference.

That is why food is a central part of this blog – of living a life of heart and adventure.  Feeling good in body, gut and mind are essential to living adventurously and hanging out more in your heart space.   Simple food cooked well is my holy grail of happy, and if it can be on the thrift side, all the better.  For me, the best eating comes from ingredients having the least amount of work.  Simple food prepared and cooked simply.  Inexpensively.  The magic of ingredients alchemically embracing and reducing to make glorious flavour. All with the tiniest amount of outside intervention.  Oh I could go on, but I will restrain myself and deliver you this beauty of a recipe – well, if you can call it that.

I know the claim of ‘game changer’ is a pretty big call for a tomato recipe, but stay with me on this.

For me, there are five values that make up what I would define as a ‘game changer’.  Is it  simple + thrifty + adaptable + easy – and does it improve my life/add value?  When I answer yes too all five, we’re talking the royal big daddy of game changing.  And this wee collection of ingredients + an oven, delivers.

Your going to need these ingredients tomato’s, garlic, thyme, red onion, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper.

to make cut tomato’s in half.  cut onion into little/middish chunks.  either pop garlic pieces in whole with skin on (take skin off after cooking) or peel and slice.  chop up thyme.  add ingredients to baking tray.  generously pour olive oil, add salt and pepper.  cook on 180 degrees until they gloriously break down.


Take your beautifully broken down tomato’s out of the oven.  Vigorously apply a potato masher till you hit the consistency of tomatoe sauce you prefer.


Eat.  Eat it as a relish on home made burgers (we did), with piping hot homemade chips, on a spot of cheese and cracker. or generously poured over a pizza base and topped with goodness.  or wrapped around your favourite pasta with a sprinkle of olive olive and lemon juice topped with parsley (sometimes no other ingredient needed). or plopped on the side of a sizzling steak.  You get the picture, it’s a versatile wee thing.  

So back to game changer  Lets see how it faired on all five. It gets a big high five for simplicity.  Your pocket will love its thriftiness.  Adaptability city –  there are SO many ways you can enjoy this tomato sauce/relish.  And its easy – five minutes of prep time and a minute or two of mashing time, that’s it.  The oven does the rest.  And finally, does it improve my life, add value?  Yes it does.  With little effort I produce a beautiful, fresh, sweet tasting tomato sauce that has no preservatives or nasty sugar.  It tastes amazing and can bring love to my meals throughout the week from just one cooking session.  It refrigerates well.  

The food was made by Mark Lewis an advocate and master of simple food from ground to table with little fuss.  He combines fifteen years experience as a chef working in Europe and New Zealand with recent study and qualification in horticulture to bring you food and gardens that warm your soul.  He also happens to be my brother who I love, which makes me not biased in any way :-).  Photos taken by moi.

I hope you enjoy this tasty easy to make sauce.  We ate it last night on homemade burgers and it was gorgeous.  There’s a ground swell of satisfaction from making things, especially when its simple and uncomplicated and tastes so good.

Love and light for the end of your week and emergence into the new.

Maree x

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