living a life of adventure and heart

Last time we spoke I was doing a wee stock take on where I’m at, and what I’m doing to get where I need to go.  A get back on track exercise, if you will.

Well, the results are in and you can see where I’m heading in my refreshed about page for the blog.  I’ve popped it below for your viewing pleasure.   Its a slight change of course in a big hot beautiful mess of an adventure.  It feels a better fit for me, more holistic and connected to what I’m creating in my own life (and what I feel a lot of people are wanting to create). And that’s the purpose of this blog, to inspire and nudge your fine selves into lives of heart and adventure.  Oh and I refreshed the wee page where I introduce myself – you can read that here.

So here it is, drum roll please………

It takes a lion’s den of courage to live a life with heart as your compass and adventure your guide.

This blog explores living a life of adventure, heart and authenticity in all it’s unique hot beautiful mess.  It believes we’re all travelling home to ourselves, and sometimes you’ve got to dive down to rise.

It’s about getting clear to what you love, keeping it simple and living with heart and adventure.  Its easy to write, though proving rather interesting to live, but I’m dedicated to my hot beautiful mess of a life and I’m sure you are to yours too.  So if you’re a kindred spirt come join in the conversation where we’ll be talking about…

Taking adventures and getting out of the lulling rhythm of routine anyway you can.  A big trip, you know the kind that changes you, that you remember for a lifetime.  Little trips.  Loving the place you’re in – making backyard excursions adventurous too.  Doing work that lights you up and fulfils you, maybe even running your own show.  Living outside of the slipstream of the norm – think gypsy, self sufficiency, living off the grid, the good life, travelling and working with no fixed abode.  Eating nourishing food that makes you feel good.  Tending to old wounds, a healed soul and body are vital companions to your joy, to your ability to be present to what’s rocking out right now. The power of home – home is where the heart is.  Finding your tribe – people that inspire, love and get you.  Navigating with intuition.  Financial health – the ground under the feet of your dreams.  Living simply.  Oh and truck loads of laughter and humour.

Freedom riding rock stars on the back of wild Palomino’s.  Courageous adventurers exploring the hills and valleys of the human condition, and the seas and skies of wonder.  Introverts tucked in caves of comfort.  You are all welcome here.

If you’re more of a picture versus word person they’ll be lots of pictures on this blog.









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