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travel what an interesting ride, oh and fabulous people…..

I’m writing this in the very plush bar at the hotel I’m staying at near LAX airport.  Tomorrow I fly to New York.  I can’t tell you how excited I am, I have wanted to go to New York for an age.

Today, after having spent 3 days in San Francisco I drove to LA.  What was to be a leisurely six hour haul down the freeway turned into about 8.5 hours, I won’t go into details………but lets just say that LA’s parting gift to me was a slow trawl of traffic.  I multi tasked and ate my dinner (a fabulous kale salad and a rosemary breast of chicken bought from a health food supermarket).  It was a SLOW trawl, chewing and steering was very doable.

I’m a little side swiped that 21 days have passed, and in the same breath I’m not.  It’s been an interesting journey, and I have more to write on some of the fabulous gems of people and places that I stumbled upon.  And also of the interesting process of travel, and of me in travel…..and what I stumbled upon in myself, and still am.

I spent my 21 days checking out local eateries, eating delicious food (predominately seafood) drinking fabulous wines and doing a smidgin of site seeing …..

LA – interesting

Las Vegas – interesting and educational, I wrote about that here, including a big photo gallery

Santa Barbara – an idyllic town….and I had an interesting chat over dinner (in a seafood shack on a pier) with Israel about Aristotle…..

San Luis Obispo – Caitlin, Dylan, Kaleigh I had the BEST time with you’s all, I won’t forget it!  You redeemed my faith in America.  Truly.

Big Sur – spectacular, though I was a little hungover for the drive….

Carmel by the Sea – the houses don’t have numbers and theres no traffic lights!  Oh and great wine tasting….and the seafood = awesome!

Monterey – the most ethereal and magical neon treats from the sea at the Aquarium

Santa Cruz – a tasty mexican meal washed down by a great margarita

Sonoma – awesome township, wines/tastings and fabulous food, a great night out with a crew from boston……too much bubbles…..

Healdsburg – awesome wines and food,  a little travel/battle weary……

San Francisco – interesting and REALLY expensive.  highlight was stumbling upon a blues bar and  dancing with locals into the wee hours….

I’m in LOVE with this image found on a wall in San Francisco. In LOVE.


    1. I think it was more your thang than mine……..but seeing the neon creatures floating in the sea (sea horses and jelly fish) were maximus cool so thanks for the tip! Though $35 a ticket was ridiculous…..moi thinks. Now New York :-)

  1. Glad you are obviously having such a fabulous time. Just the mention of those lil places down the West coast brought back so many happy memories for me. Enjoy the Big Apple!!

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