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30 days in America

This post was written three days ago…..

As I write, I am shooting through clouds on my way to Los Angeles.  I am four hours and forty minutes away from touching LAX tarmac and travelling for 30 days in America.   For the next three weeks I’m road tripping through California then shooting over to the east coast and living in New York for nine days.  Excited I am.

Seven weeks ago I decided to give up the lease on my flat (of five years that I adored) leave my routine and comfort zone and go on an adventure.

The plan was to submerge myself in an exotic voyage, a joyful messy mash up of difference.  Submerged in otherness.  India fitted the bill perfectly except for the wee minor detail that I can’t eat a lot of lentils, rice, gluten and dairy.  So my 90 day voyage of discovery in Asia became 30 days in America.  I laugh too.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to hand in my lease.  I am serenely joyous with my decision now, but in the lead up I was pacing the outer margins of my courage, and then some.

You know when you can have too much of a good thing, when the routine is so deeply engraved that change has a long way to surface.  That was me.  I realised that if I didn’t cut the ties, change it up and leave my safety blanket I would more than likely wake up in five years time and very little would have changed.  That thought alone pushed me through a canyon of unexpected fear.

The propeller for all this change didn’t spontaneously manifest over night, I had been nursing my levels of discontent for quite awhile.  Simply put, when I’m about to pop my clogs I want to know I lived a life of joy doing what I love.  At forty I haven’t done that yet so I thought I’d give it a go.

In my trip I’ve created open space away from what I know, outside of routine to connect to my joy’s of creating, writing, travel and food.

I’m going to be blogging about my travels if you’d like to come along for the ride a little…..


  1. WOW! a month full of exciting adventures, enjoy every moment. ‘travel no faster than your angel wings can fly’ :)


  2. Hi Maree,

    So happy to read that you are on another adventure! Sad that you are not making it up to Vancouver. I will be following you my dear.

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