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Strolling, gazing and grazing at Clevedon Farmers Markets – New Zealand

On Sunday, back in NZ for Ma’s 60th birthday I found myself at the Clevedon Farmers Markets enjoying one of life’s pleasurable combinations – the stroll, gaze and graze.

Beautiful ginormous Mushrooms from 'Out of the Dark Mushrooms'

My second visit to these markets situated only 45 minutes South East of Auckland City didn’t dissapoint.  They provided a lovely little treat – enjoying New Zealand produce at its best right from the hand of the maker, grower, cook.

This Fig vinegar was delicious, think tang and sweet. The maker suggested using on salads, veges or as a meat marinade.

Wandering around I was reminded of how much I love Farmers Markets, seeing new things, tasting, trying……and the subsequent buy.  I made a mental note to self to visit them more often in my local digs of Sydney.  If you live in Sydney this is a wee guide to a few you can check out.

Beautiful Hop Flowers - dry and then pop in your pillow to alleviate insomnia. Yes 'Hops' as in the plant thats a key ingredient of Beer - who knew!
We couldn't resist the Hungarian Delicatessan's Spicy Pork hotdogs - guilty pleasure.
Chilled rural vibe prevails, oh and there were Pony rides for the kids aswell
Clevedon Valley Buffalo Company's Mozzarella and their Ricotta (served with a bit of honey) were sensational.

There’s something about food makers, growers, artisans, artists and creatives which really resonates with me and has me eager to explore creating a sustainable working life slightly outside of the slipstream / mainstream.  These markets inspired me.

One of my favourite ways to eat fish - smoked

If you live in Auckland or find yourself a visitor I recommend a wee visit.  It’s the real deal, set in the lovely Clevedon country side renowned for agriculture, Polo, a slice of old school lifestyle and fabulous Oysters.

We split an Angus Beef and Potato traditional Cornish Pasty. Seriously good!
Chillies from Curious Croppers - "growers of cranky but gorgeous vegetables"

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