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Yesterday me and a mate had a bite of lunch at Circular Quay, Sydney followed by a big fabulous double wopper dooper icecream (I was encouraged).  We ate said ice cream while walking around the Rocks soaking up the sun and sparkly harbour view.  So all rather lovely.

On my way back to work nursing a spiking sugar rush I spied this in the corner of my eye…

My curiosity piqued I closed in and read……it was the recounting of a story of kindness. Random I thought.  Then I realised it must be part of the Art and About crazy fabulousness that has taken over Sydney city with art in the places you wouldn’t expect – outdoors in our city!  Actually it is Michael Landy’s work where he has asked for and collected peoples stories of kindness and placed them throughout the city for us all to read. ‘Acts of Kindness investigates the meaning of kindness in today’s fast-paced world, focusing on the simple everyday gestures of compassion and generosity that occur throughout the city streets and often go unnoticed. Stories of kindness have been collected from people across Sydney to form the basis for Landy’s ambitious new artwork’. – Art and About Website.

I love the concept of collecting stories of kindness.  Of shining a light on the warm gift of giving energy to somebody, somebody you may not even know.  I can’t wait to find and read loads of stories while tramping through the city of sparkle.

Tonight the month of Art and About opens officially and I’m looking forward to exploring and being inspired……and having my mind opened just a tad, well actually pried open……I’m up for that.


  1. art+kindness = coool!

    I looked up that piece on the Art and About site after reading this post – I was inspired and look forward to checking it out – thank you for the reminder about the many treats Sydney has to offer!

    1. its is rather coolio. I’m starting to realise just how many treats Sydney has to offer myself Shoppo, look forward to checking out the opening night with you tonight. Cheers

  2. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a nice compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. .. a young girl came into the office last week unable to cash her first pay packet at our branch – she didn’t have anough ID,that resulted in no money for bus home. The look on her face when I gave $5.00 note to get home was worth the ‘act’- following day her mother arrives with a card and packet of ‘flower seeds’ – on the card was written ‘ thankyou for sowing the seeds of kindness’ we don’t do to receive……..

    mine in giving

  3. thank you for your comments on act of kindness. And then 20 minutes after posting this I found myself about to pay for a taxi without a wallet (left at home)…………and I got to receive an act of kindness……….the taxi driver let me go happily without paying……….I mean when does that ever happen? Loving this kindness vibe, loving it.

  4. yes agree with all the acts of kindness and also, I feel, that it starts in the home. My experience is kindness is shown where kindness is given! may we all know one day where kindness came from! and may we all, one day, truly say, it came in the most profound, unexpected way! Helen

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